Mooer Audio

Mooer LogoThe Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd. is an energetic and technological innovative company, dedicated in researching and manufacturing electronic musical instruments and audio equipment, by applying state-of-the-art technology into their products. A variety of products in electronic musical instruments, ranging from synthesizer, sound and audio processor and digital audio effects. Relying on a strong and efficient research and development team who have many years experience in synthesizer technology, wavetable synthesizer technology and digital audio effects technology.

BBE Sound

BBE LogoBBE stompboxes are not only 100 percent analog and designed in the USA, they are engineered and manufactured to specifically alleviate issues of reliability and inconsistency normally associated with vintage and homegrown manufactured effect pedals. The pedals combine a boutique-style vibe with world- class engineering, low tolerance/high quality components, true hardwire bypass switching and a five year warranty, all at a price that every musician can afford.


BBE LogoHandmade, handwired effects pedals made in Lexington, Ky. Featuring: The Boostier (a clean, point-to-point, true-bypass boost pedal); The Boostiest (Boostier with a browned-out overdrive side); OPI (brings an amp down to 1/2 watt for true bedroom playing); Chaloopa (A/B, true bypass pedal); ViB+ (for the Royal Bluesman amp, activates vibrato and powers a pedal board); and the Power Loop (for the Dirty Red amp, activates effects and powers a pedal board).

Mod Tone

Mod Tone LogoEffects pedals: Distortion, Overdrive, Chorus, Phaser, Vintage Delay, Deep Dive Octaver, Tremolo, Chromatic Tuner, Funk Filter Enveloper, Clean Boost, Vintage Wah, Xcellerator Volume+, Power Plant and Powered Pedalboard. The whole family of pedals deliver clean, quiet, fat tones in a reliable sealed, corrosion resistant metal chassis that are built to last and compact enough to fit on any pre-existing pedal board without any major modifications.

Mojo Hand FX

Pigtronix LogoCrafting real tone. Mojo Hand FX are handbuilt in the USA using nothing but the finest components available. They’re built to withstand life on the road and sound great every time you step on them. All pedals feature true bypass switching, rugged die-cast enclosures, professional powder coat finishes, standard 9-volt center negative dc jacks, and a 3 year warranty.


Pigtronix LogoInspired to design and manufacture futuristic analog effects. Each pedal is a unique and original creation, containing forward thinking design features not found in other stompboxes. Features that allow musicians to make sounds that no one has ever heard before. Pigtronix pedals feature extensive sound-shaping capabilities, enabling musicians to access a broad spectrum of analog tones. In addition to versatility and ingenuity you will find a consistent emphasis on tonal clarity and touch responsive performance.

Red Witch

Red Witch LogoThe Red Witch Analog Pedals philosophy is to blend art and technology to create guitar effect pedals of functional beauty. Using the highest quality, close tolerance parts, to ensure decades of hassle-free use.


T-Rex LogoClassic and signature effects pedals for guitarists and bass players. And is steadily becoming one of the leading manufactures of guitar effects in the world. T-Rex Engineering is driven by a passionate belief that the right technology can do great things for how music sounds - an ideal balance of analogue warmth and digital precision - engineered from the ground up to serve the practical needs of working musicians. Products include the ToneBug series, Octavius, Mudhoney II, Møller, Replica, Reptile 2, Room-Mate, Twister 2, FuelTank Chameleon, ToneTrunk.

TC Electronic

tc electronic logoEvery once in a while, you find a tool that makes your project or performance even better than what you imagined possible. Whether the pedal you're looking for is an inventive new stomp box or an intricate surround processor, they'll help take your music to the next level.

Tone Monk

tone monk logoAll effects are built by hand, one-by-one in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. No assembly lines, no batching. This ensures your pedal will be of the best build quality. They actually test/match all of the components and assure only the best quality parts are being used in all of their pedals.

Additional Effects

Used Effects

Lloyds EffectsLloyd's Guitars has lots of used effects - overdrives, chorus, univibe, echoes, wah wahs, and more!

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