Guitar and Bass Amps

VHT guitar amps

VHT Amplifiers

VHT has become synonymous with excellent tone and boutique style. Creating amplifiers that are truly capable of enhancing players' creativity by offering versatile, expressive products that are great sounding for any style of music. VHT researched classic American tube amplifier designs, from companies like K&F, Fender, Gibson, and Magnatone and then went on to explore some of the classic designs by Vox, Hiwatt and Marshall. Inspired by some of the most historic and sought-after amp tones on the planet, the VHT engineering team designs and assembles some of the best tube amplifiers available - with carefully selected quality parts. And every one of these top-of-the-line handwired tube amplifiers are subjected to extensive testing and examination.

Ashdown Mag 300H EVO II

Ashdown Engineering

Because everyone deserves a great bass amp! Leading players including U2's Adam Clayton and System Of A Down's Shavo Odadjian choose Ashdown ABM bass amplification for its power, performance and tone. Fortunately for those of us still waiting to be discovered, Ashdown packs much of the legendary ABM power and performance, and almost all of the tone, into its competitively-priced MAG range of bass heads, cabinets and combos. And the good news is that the MAG range is now bigger and better than ever. All MAG combos and heads have a powerful 307 watts RMS fan-cooled output section, equipping them to take any medium-sized venue in their stride.

Burris guitar amps

Burriss Amplifiers

Burriss Amps and Effects Pedals has been designing and manufacturing handmade, handwired, tube amplifiers and effects pedals since 1996 in Lexington, Kentucky. Since inception, they have provided innovative equipment to local and national musicians, studios and venues. Offering three different combo amps - db Special, Shadow and Switch Master. And two different tube heads - Dirty Red and Royal Bluesman.

Kustom guitar amps


Kustom honors its trend-setting past by building award-winning amplifiers with features and tones that inspire a whole new generation of players. Products like the all-tube Double Cross and Coupe Series guitar amplifiers and the Groove Bass models are earning accolades from a growing list of new endorsers.

Sundown guitar and bass amps

Sundown Amplifiers

For over 25 years Sundown has been committed to great tone at a great price and that simple philosophy never goes out of style. Sundown Amps are loaded with great features and are quality built to last for years of stage/studio/home use. We dare you to try to find another amp with these features for this price plus an industry leading 5 Year Warranty!

RMS acoustic guitar and vocal amp

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The RMSAC40 is a 40 watt amp featuring a 10-inch woofer, 2-inch tweeter and 2 channels with separate volume control; Channel One - 3 pin mic input, 1/4-inch line input, CD input, volume control; Channel Two - 1/4-inch guitar input, active/passive electronics selector, volume, 3 band EQ w/ mid frequency control, reverb on/off and reverb control, chorus on/off and chorus control, effects loop (send/return), line out.

Additional Amplifiers

Used Amplifiers

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