Acoustic Guitars

Sierra Acoustic Guitars


Designed with the passionate and discerning musician in mind, utilizing high-quality materials and original, cutting-edge design techniques, resulting in a clean, earthy acoustic tone. Each guitar is constructed using premium-cured woods including spruce, cedar, rosewood and mahogany as well as all-natural wood bindings and soundhole inlays. The Sierra production technique uses precise, scalloped bracing to strengthen and maximize tonal flexibility, and dovetail neck joints provide angle stability while increasing the overall transfer of vibrations throughout the guitar body. Last but certainly not least, Sierra’s unique ComfortGrip machine heads are designed to comfortably fit a musician’s fingers for effortless and accurate tuning.

Morgan Monroe Acoustic Guitars

Morgan Monroe

For more than a decade the Morgan Monroe line of acoustic instruments has had one simple philosophy which is to put high quality instruments in the hands of all players without compromise. Original product designs and the finest tonewoods together to create instruments that you don’t just buy but, keep for a lifetime. Utilizing superior craftsmanship and the trusted names of Grover Tuners and Fishman Electronics together with our critical team of specialized luthiers creates quality instruments that have that “special something” and with a legendary Lifetime Warranty.

Aria Acoustic Guitars


Aria was established in Nagoya, Japan in 1956 is now established as one of the premium fretted instrument manufacturers and is distributed in every country around the world. Aria aims to make great instruments that inspire musicians of all abilities. If you are just beginning guitar playing or you are an accomplished player they place the same level of importance on quality, playability and value.

Bean Blossom Mandolins and Banjos

Bean Blossom

The Bean Blossom line of banjos and mandolins from Morgan Monroe combines all the great quality and features of their big brothers but focused for the player just starting out or for those looking to expand that ever increasing arsenal!


It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money to get a well made, professional quality instrument - that is if of course if you buy from a maker who already knows how to make great guitars! Bristol Guitars by Blueridge. Successfully created to bring the traditional sound of the mountains and quality guitar construction to even the most budget-conscious player at any level.


Johnson Musical Instruments has become the industry's premier builder of high-quality, high-value musical instruments. They have been crafting guitars and fretted instruments since 1993 and have continuously expanded their line of acoustics guitars ever since. Whether you are a student, enthusiast or an advanced player, you'll find something in their line to interest you. Instruments with excellent fit and finish at prices that are within the reach of any player.

Michael Kelly

Built on sound. A passion for quality sound and tone, the love of music, and the instruments that make it. Constantly pushing the envelope of the “features and tone-to-cost” ratio, delivering instruments that perform as well or better than comparable instruments costing two, three, and sometimes four times more.


A wide range of guitars encompassing many different models, from acoustic to electric via electro-acoustic. Whether classical or rock, jazz or folk ... there is a Stagg guitar for every occasion and for every budget. Most other stringed instruments (bass guitars, electric double basses, ukuleles, banjos and mandolins) are also available from Stagg.

Recording King

Originally a house brand in the 1930s for Montgomery Ward, Recording King acoustic guitars and banjos were developed in a period known as the Golden Age of musical craftsmanship. Instruments designed during this era are among the most well-respected and sought-after fretted acoustic instruments available. Building on this storied American tradition, Recording King guitars, banjos and resonators carry on the legacy of these classic instruments using vintage designs and hand-assembled parts. Today’s reissues have the look, feel and sound of the classic models with impeccable workmanship and enhancements for contemporary players.

The Loar

Lloyd Loar was a Gibson master luthier from 1919 to 1924. He is most famous for his revered designs of the F5 mandolin and L5 guitar. The Loar pays homage to instruments from the 1920s and '30s, an age of outstanding craftsmanship and innovative design. The Loar revives this tradition to bring you the best-sounding, most beautifully-crafted instruments available today. Guitars and mandolins built by The Loar combine expert craftsmanship and classic designs with upgraded features to appeal to today’s players. From premium tonewoods to original inlay detailing, each instrument is made for the best sound, playability and timeless beauty.


Rover mandolins feature the traditional “paddlehead” peghead shape with the Rover logo in abalone pearl. The rosewood fingerboard is bound in white with fast, low-action frets. New, deluxe nickel-plated tuning machines offer easy, accurate tuning. Each instrument is carefully shop adjusted.

Rover banjos set the standard for value and make truly professional-level banjos available to any player ... whether just starting out or a seasoned pro! The key to the entire Rover line is that each instrument adheres closely to traditional standards for material quality, dimensions, and overall workmanship assuring that every banjo plays well and will last a lifetime. From the comfortable bound mahogany neck, to the cast aluminum rim with integral tone ring, each feature can be found on even the most costly instruments.


The Indiana Guitar Company focuses on a wide range of high quality musical products at affordable prices. Their goal is to introduce new models, finishes and designs that are affordable for the beginner but good enough for the pros.


Alhoa! The world’s best ukulele. aNueNue means rainbow in Hawaiian. When you play an aNueNue ukulele the unique feel of tone, design, fit and finish will surprise you. They are easy to play and bring a big and memorable sound. African Mahogany delivers a warm tone with focus and resonant midrange. Hawaiian Koa delivers a sweet tone, beautiful midrange, clear trebles and a bass response. Hawaiian Mango delivers a chewy tone, dynamic midrange and rich low end.


The Lanikai ukulele brand celebrates a place where heaven meets the ocean and east meets west. Their products promote the joy of music making on instruments that have been created from a confluence of cultures, time and place. Lanikai is dedicated to all levels of musicians, from players just starting out to multi-instrumental stage performers to legends in pop music, allowing them all to uniquely express themselves though their instruments. To create instruments that balance the traditional with the innovative, the beginners with the experts, the ornate with the simple.

Boulder Creek

With the exclusive SBS Suspended Bracing System. All Boulder Creek guitars (except basses and classical models) feature 18 to 1 gear ratio high quality die cast tuning machines with for for smoothest and most accurate tuning possible. All tops are made from high quality solid spurce or cedar. All backs are solid mahogany or rosewood. The sides are made of ply mahogany or rosewood to increase strength and stability. All binding and inlays are hand crafted to enhance the beauty of these incredible sounding instruments. The playability, sustain and overall tone of Boulder Creek guitars is unmatched in their price range and rivals the sound of guitars selling for two or three times more.


The UK's number 1 selling acoustic guitar brand. Founded in 1990.


Woods Instruments builds high quality acoustic, classical, acoustic/electric guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles for the beginner and intermediate player. Built with quality wood and hardware and with a build quality normally found on guitars costing hundreds more.


Whether employed live or in the studio, played acoustically or amplified, used for folk, country or blues music - Crafter guitars with their different shapes and sounds offer the ideal instrument for guitarists all over the world for every occasion.

Used Acoustic Guitars

Lloyd has many used acoustic guitars ranging from starter guitars to pro-level instruments.